Flea Removal – Flea Extermination Step by Step Guide For Your Home

Published: 01st October 2009
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It is important to understand that when you have flea infestation, you need to synchronize and coordinate the flea extermination activities with both your home and your pet, else all efforts will surely come to naught.

First step when you consider flea removal at your home is to de-infest your pets. Make a visit to the vet specialist and have the fleas treated. Leave them that a trusted and clean pet motel or with a friend for about a week while you fumigate your home from parasites and pests. One week is sufficient time to fully ensure that both your home and pets are parasite free from fleas if you correctly execute your flea extermination plan accordingly. As far as possible, two days is a minimum before letting them back into the house thereafter. And if you must fumigate the kitchen, do remember to keep all edible goods in the refrigerator or well covered up in airtight containers, dishes, cutleries, cooking utensils well covered up with newspapers or better yet, stashed away in enclosed cupboards.

Each room should be treated with either a flea fogger or spray with chemicals like permethrin which are lethal enough to kill the adult flea, larvae and pupae. However, it is critical to take not that the permethrin is a chemical dangerous for cats. You might wish to read the content and instructions carefully before use. Shut all windows and doors of each room to ensure that the chemicals are trapped within each room to work their best.

Remember that all pet beddings, clothing, toys and accessories must be soaked in hot water and disinfecting detergent. Use the dryer for drying and keep the machine on until all are fully dried. Do the same with children beddings and clothing, especially when they have a habit of sleeping in with the pets.

Fully ventilate the entire house once the procedure is completed by opening up the windows and doors and let the air circulate. Switch on the fans to help speed up the process.

Now is the time for clean up. Start with the most obvious, clean your pet bowls in hot water with soap. Vacuum every rooms, carpets and couches, drapes thoroughly. As the vacuum bag could well be the hot bed for re-infestation, dispose of them immediately after use. Next step of cleaning up is to mop all floorings with a wet disinfecting mop and all surfaces with wet cloth. This completes your home flea extermination process

Maintenance is key to ensuring that infestation does not return to haunt you. Discuss with the vet specialist on measures you need to take, persevere, conscientiously adhere to the advice and you will eventually get rid of pet fleas for good.

There are many unknown yet proven flea removal methods which does less harm pet health than medicated and over the counter treatments.

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