Stop Sweaty Palms - Can Iontophoresis Help Cure Palmar Hyperhidrosis?

Published: 30th October 2009
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The short answer to the above question is Yes, Iontophoresis can help cure palmar hyperhidrosis. However, that said, there are certain drawbacks which you need to adjust to achieve the greatest and most satisfied results possible. I deeply feel the frustrations as a sweaty palms sufferer and will be sharing my experience with you.

For those who need the introduction, Iontophoresis is a tested and proven effective treatment for palmar hypderhidrosis or sweaty palms. It debut about 50 years ago, is a non surgical, non invasive procedure with no side effects. When undergoing the routine, you need to soak your palms into separate trays of tap water and connect the device for the treatment to start taking effect. You will need to repeat this treatment over a period of one week and you will be pleasantly surprised to see dry palms. Keep up the routine by doing one session every three to four weeks for maintenance. This is the entire procedure. Because the procedure is non surgical and non invasive there is no surgical risks involved.

The key drawbacks of this procedure are that the device could be costly to most patients, and if one should choose to do every session of the procedure at the clinic, great inconvenience ensues. Firstly, the cost of the device is commercially available at the range of 455 to 1000 dollars, a hefty amount indeed for a lot of sweaty palms sufferers. Secondly, the extent of time and effort to coordinate trips after trips to the clinic, let alone the costs per session, could overwhelm the patient eventually, as the follow through process every three weeks, is for life in order to stop sweaty palms for good.

Fret not, and we have no reached the end of the road. I realized after extensive research that the iontophoresis device is not difficult to make. All the materials can be easily found at your local hardware store, costing you less than the grand total of twenty dollars. I proceeded to build my own device and found that my very own device functions just as well compared to the one I have been using at the clinic. I no longer need to need to be subject to clinic schedule, being able to do my own routine in the privacy and comfort of my own home, at my own time and convenience. This procedure help stop sweaty palms for good and got rid of my palmar hyperhidrosis at a fraction of the cost too.

So stop procrastinating. Be it if you are opting for the clinic procedure, buying your device, or building your own iontophoresis device to help stop sweaty palms, start researching now and action upon it. I hope you will live life again, just like me.

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