Stop Sweaty Palms – Get Rid of Palmar Hyperhidrosis With Iontophoresis

Published: 26th October 2009
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If you have lived nearly your entire life with sweaty hands, you would undoubtedly have gone through great discomfort, frustrations and embarrassment that come with it. I know as I used to have severe palmar hyperhidrosis too. And they literally dripped sweaty. Even the very basic social interaction like shaking hands with strangers has become a great challenge of whether to shake or not to shake that hand, for fear of embarrassing the other party. And as you surf the internet desperately trying to find a remedy to stop sweaty palms, your keyboard is fast becoming sticky and mouse clammy with your incessant sweat. Not to mention too the ultimate inconvenience and danger of a slippery steering wheel whenever you drive.

All the above are only the tip of the iceberg for many of us who suffer from palmar hyperhidrosis, or what is known to the lay person as sweaty palms. The condition is hereditary, and when you have it, you have it for life. The psychological damage it could do to your self esteem is many times worse than the physical, denting your self confidence whenever around strangers, halting social interaction, and not being comfortable simply holding the hands of your spouse. If you literally drip sweat like mine did, you might have just found cure for hand sweating right here.

I personally tried almost all types of so called remedies to stop sweaty palms, from over the counter applications like drysol, medicated powders, and even tried applying deodorant onto my palms, all to no avail. ETS surgery was the option then and unfortunately, the surgeon did not do a thorough job at severing my sweat glands on my right palm. I am still left with a very wet right hand and also have developed compensatory sweating on my torso, face and feet.

But things changed when I found out about iontophoresis for treating palmar hyperhidrosis. This is a procedure which is non surgical, non invasive and totally free of side effects. It took me by surprised with after about a week into the procedure, my sweaty hands finally dried up for good. It has been a good six months since I first used iontophoresis and am your walking example of its success.

So if you have sweaty hands and are considering the various treatments out there to stop sweaty plams, do not consider ETS surgery until you have tried iontophoresis to get rid of palmar hyperhidrosis, I promised you will not be disappointed with results.

So CURE your sweaty palms with this proven and tested method just like me. Stop Sweaty Hands and Get Rid of your sweaty hands and feet in just 5 days. Or Simply visit Stop Sweaty Palms for more details.

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