Stop Sweaty Palms - How Effective Is DIY Iontophoresis Device In Stopping Hand Sweating?

Published: 16th October 2009
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If you are searching for palmar hyperhidrosis treatment, you have found the right place here. I will share my personal experience on how to find the right treatment to stop excessive hand sweating. Sweaty palms treatment range from over the counter medicated powders, deodorant, prescribed creams, Botox injections, ETS surgery and Iontophoresis. Most come with their respective drawbacks, either being too expensive, have irreversible side effects, or too mild as treatment for severe palmar hyperhidrosis.

Of the many treatment touted to be cures, Ionotophoresis comes up tops with its tested and proven effective records. I know this after having tried the rest to no avail. As the cost of the device and procedure were beyond my means, I decided to make my make my own device instead. It was not a difficult task as I managed to make the device within 30 minutes with materials easily found at the local hardware store. On the third day that I used the device, the hand sweating dramatically reduced by about 70 percent and after a week, I have successfully managed to stop my sweaty palms. All I needed to do is to continue with the routine once every three weeks for maintenance.

It was like a dream come true to have finally stopped my hand sweating. Initially, it was actually hard to believe that for the first time I could actually shake hands without have to feel embarrassed. And I will never forget the warm feeling of holding the hands of my spouse in mine, nice warm and dry.

I am a walking example that the homemade Iontophoresis device does help to stop sweaty palms effectively. So if you are a long time sufferer of palmar hyperhidrosis sufferer yet cannot afford the costly treatments, make your own device and get rid of sweaty palms once and for all.

So CURE your sweaty palms with this proven and tested method just like me. Stop Sweaty Hands and Get Rid of your sweaty hands and feet in just 5 days. Or Simply visit Stop Sweaty Palms for more details.

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